Cricket has its origins way back in the 16 th century and started out as a children’s game. The first games were played in fields where sheep were grazing and all you had was a stick and a ball of sheep’s wool. Cricket has thankfully evolved over the years to produce the popular and well-loved modern cricket game.

Today, in South Africa, cricket is played in the first and the fourth terms at schools. Cricket is a game where players learn to play well by respecting their opponents, umpires, and rules of the game. Cricket is a popular sport and there are usually classes starting from Grade 1. The younger school children are taught basic ball skills and are shown how to participate and enjoy the game.

Benefits of offering Cricket at Schools:

  • The game helps to develop overall fitness levels
  • Helps to improve hand-eye coordination
  • Improves balance and endurance
  • Teaches kids how to work in a team
  • Also helps to improve social skills and communication

Playing in a school cricket team requires commitment, attending weekly practice sessions and playing in organised competitive matches. School cricket is a place where kids should be able to play in an environment that allows them to reach their full potential.


Helpful tips for those who want to play competitive school cricket:

  • All participants in a school match should drink plenty of water throughout the game
  • Wear sun protection even in cloudy conditions
  • Practice to develop good technique and this also helps prevent injury.
  • Schools should provide the correct safety and protective gear. For example, if a child is batting or wicket keeping, they should be wearing a helmet that has a face guard.
  • Look after the fast bowlers, let them bowl only a few overs during a match. This also depends on their fitness levels.
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