Field hockey is a great team sport and forms part of the hockey family. Field hockey can be played on different types of fields including grass, turf and synthetic options. Teams consist of 11 players and this includes the goalie. The sticks used today can be made out of wood, carbon fiber or fiberglass; these have to be made quite hardy as it hits the ground and hardball a lot. Hockey is a fast-paced and energetic sport.

Benefits of offering Hockey at Schools

  • Hockey is a great sport for kids who want to build endurance
  • The game improves body strength, especially the leg muscles
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • The game offers a total body workout
  • Helps improve agility, players have to think and move fast during a game
  • Builds teamwork

In South Africa, there is a governing body that helps to promote and support the game of hockey in schools The South African Schools Hockey Association helps to control and uphold the rules for boys and girls in primary and high schools. They are also involved with those who play at private clubs.

When entering your child into school hockey team, there is certain equipment you might need. The most obvious one is the hockey stick. Another important item to have is a mouth guard, although hockey is seen as a non-contact sport, accidents can happen. Shin pads are also very important; these are usually placed under the socks and help to prevent injury.

Footwear in hockey is also important; the special boots have stoppers underneath. These are also called cleats and they help to grip the surface, this is important because during a hockey game you have to change direction quite quickly all the time. Progressing in a school hockey environment will help children to grow in the sport and help them to take their skills to the next level.

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