Netball in South Africa is a winter sport that is offered at most primary and high schools. The game consists of seven players in a team, two teams play against each other to get as many goals in the net as possible. The game netball was actually adapted from an earlier form of basketball during the 1890’2 in England. Netball in South Africa has become one of the primary sports played in schools, along with tennis and rugby.

The governing body in South Africa, SASN or South African Schools Netball, manages all games played in schools across the country. Their aim is to make the sport available to all, especially to those who live in regions where the game is not played often. The goal is to reach the masses and to offer learners a chance to participate at the school level as well as inter-school levels. They would like to inspire the children to also play in organized festivals and just to have fun.

Benefits of offering Netball at Schools:

  •  Improving fitness levels of the children
  • Develops ball skills and hand-eye coordination
  • The game helps to develop each child’s character as well as to teach lessons in teamwork.
  • Improving mental health and concentration
  • Helps to build confidence and self-esteem
  • Playing any sport including netball helps children to achieve better results academically

Since netball is a team sport, participating in school can be a great place to meet new friends who have similar interests. Netball is also evolving and losing some of it a stereotypical image, for many years the sport was seen as a ‘girl’s only sport’. The fact is, it is a great sport for everyone, including the guys. Netball is a non-contact sport so it is also a great game for the younger kids to play. Teamwork is the main focus of each match; the game also introduces concepts of effective communication and other skills needed for everyday living.

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