Tennis in schools helps to support and also to develop the basic movement skills needed to play the sport at a competitive level. School tennis is also there to help learners gain more knowledge of the sport and to develop an appreciation for the game. School pupils will be learning basic skills such as balance and coordination in lessons. This not only helps with the game of tennis but also with tasks needed to be done throughout the day.

Whether you’re playing a singles match, a doubles game or just hitting the ball against a wall, tennis is a great activity from a young age all the way up to 95 years old. Tennis is also a popular sport requiring little equipment, except a tennis racquet and some tennis balls. The game is also a well-loved sport in most schools, and children are generally exposed to the game from an early age. Tennis is also one of those sports that have a lot of television coverage, making it more appealing to the younger generation.

Benefits of playing tennis at school:

  • Tennis is a fantastic workout for the whole body
  • Improves bone and heart health
  • Helps to improve flexibility and coordination
  • Builds endurance
  • Teaches patience and requires dedication

Some tennis tips and thoughts for kids:

  •  Tennis should be fun
  •  Encourage your children to play off the court, hit a ball against the garage door
  • There are numerous lessons that tennis can teach, especially how to lose graciously and how to win with integrity and humbly.
  • Tennis is a wonderful family activity and playing together can only enhance their performance when playing competitively at school.

Like with all school sports, tennis requires dedication and commitment from the learner. Tennis is also a great all-round sport that can help learners who play other types of sport.

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