Water Polo is a wonderful ball water sport that helps to develop the reflexes, strength, and stamina. The team consists of seven players, which includes the goalkeeper. The game also helps to improve the players swimming as well as their ball handling techniques. When first learning water polo at school, kids are taught the basic ball maneuvering as well as shooting techniques. The learners are also shown how to adapt their swimming strokes for water polo.

Water is a great team sport, with each team member relying on the other to help win the game. Those who wish to participate in this sport should be able to already swim freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke if they want to be on the team. The sport is an excellent way to get and stay fit. An interesting fact, during games, players can swim up to 2.4 km.


Other basic rules:

  • Players must place a ball into the goal, which is found at opposite ends of the pool. The water in the pool must be relatively deep, so players must be able to tread water easily.
  • Each player can only move the ball with one hand; the ball must also remain above the water.
  • Those playing in the water can only challenge their opponents who possess the ball
  • The game lasts for about 28 minutes, divided up into four sessions of 7 minutes each.

The governing organization for schools in South Africa for Water Polo is, SWPSA. ‘Schools Water Polo South Africa’, this committee consists of members that are found in all of the countries provinces. The sport is growing in schools all over the country, especially in the Boland area where some schools have taken up the water polo as a regular sports option for the children, at no extra cost. The aim is to reach as many schools as possible, especially in junior schools, where the aim is to make
water polo one of the core sports.

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